Integrated Skin Care
Ageless bodies. Beautiful skin.

Ageless Bodies.  Beautiful Skin.

About Us


Mission Statement   

The mission of Integrated Skin care is to provide superior skin care by combining naturopathic health principles and practices, cutting edge technology, and the highest quality skin care products available to create a superior skin care program unique to each client.   We believe that healthy bodies have beautiful skin.  Our goal is to teach each client how the use naturopathic health practices and principles to create a healthy, ageless bodies and beautiful skin.

Our Skin Care Philosophy

The skin must be nourished before it can be restored.  A balanced diet, the appropriate nutrients, exercise, relaxation and work all contribute to good health.  The skin can, and should be, nourished and hydrated from the inside and out.  Our philosophy about skin care is to integrate healthful living with your skin care program to build beautiful skin.  Therefore, we offer pharmaceutical grade skin care products, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes to improve the appearance of the skin and contribute to overall health and well being.

Our Skin Care Creed

You are the most important element of our business.  Integrated Skin Care is dedicated to combining research, technology and biology with scientifically proven ancient healing elements to bring you the best possible skin care and anti-aging services and products available today.  We are dedicated to education and research in the health and skin care fields in order to achieve maximum results.

Your skin...
Is your body's largest organ.  It is a vital functioning system that protects your body from injury, keeps fluid in and bacteria out.  It is your first line of defense against life threatening disease.  Sickness in your body can be seen on the skin.  That is why healthful living contributes to the condition of the skin.  For example:  Hormonal changes can cause hyperpigmentation (brown spots) to appear of the skin.  The environment can cause dehydration, increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It is essential to protect this very important part of your body. Contact us today to learn how you can repair your skin and your body with regular treatments and pharmaceutical grade products combined with healthy lifestyle choices, a balanced diet, exercise, and adequate hydration.

At Integrated Skin Care...

When you arrive at Integrated Skin Care in Fort Myers, Florida be prepared to be transported.  The center is peaceful, comfortable and beautiful.  In this atmosphere you will receive exclusive attention while experiencing a wide range of  services.

The Integrated Skin Care Experience...

Go beyond the standard facial!  Integrated Skin Care is like nothing you have ever experienced.  Even those of you who have had many facials will be quite pleasantly surprised at the difference.  Your senses will drink in the atmosphere.  Our location is private, welcoming and intimate.  The lovely aromas and peaceful sounds will envelope you.  Your comfort is seen to with fresh spring water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and whole grain snacks.  Our facial beds are truly decadent with down feather beds, soft blankets, and your choice of pillows.  

We truly go in depth with every client to achieve their goals and improve the health of the inside, thus, improving the look of the outside. Only at Integrated Skin Care does your facial include a consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor.  This is where your facial becomes a skin care treatment.  Dr. DeStefano will discuss with you nutrition, body movement, lifestyle changes, supplementation, detoxification and skin care products and protocols.  Together, the two of you will identify your skin care goals, and create a personalized plan to achieve them.  You will feel nurtured and educated.  Learn to care for yourself in truly healthy ways!  Get rid of your acne!  Loose those fine lines and wrinkles!  Have beautiful, even skin tone!  And improve your overall health at the same time!  Feel more vibrant and have more energy! Call today to experience Integrated Skin Care!

About Our Owner
Doreen DeStefano has a Doctorate in natural health.  Her specialty is natural anti-aging.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology, and a Master's in Business Administration. She is a licensed nurse.  She is a certified personal trainer, EMT and licensed esthetician. She is currently working toward a master's degree in order to serve her customers better. 

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