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Ageless Bodies.  Beautiful Skin.

Look Years Younger with Microneedling!


What Is Microneedling?

 Microneedling is also called dermarollering.  This is an in office procedure.  This is NOT the take home version of the dermaroller.  There is a big difference between the procedures aaand in the outcomes.  During a microneedling procedure your trained esthetician will  cleanse your face with an antibacterial cleanser and then apply a topical numbing agent.  Once your skin is numb, the esthetician will remove the numbing cream and apply the serum of your choice.  She will use a special, nonablative instrument to infuse it into the skin. She will then begin to roll the microneedling instrument against your skin with gentle pressure. She will apply additional serum and infuse it as she moves around your face with the needling instrument.  The serum is "needled" into the live layer of the skin for maximum results.  Additionally, the needles penetrate the skin causing an increase in collagen and elastin production that continues to build over 6 to 8 weeks.

  Facts after one or several Dermaroller sessions: a) Significant improvement of wrinkles and skin texture b) The skin looks fresher and more juvenile c) Scars and acne scars are drastically reduced d) Pigment spots become more even or disappear in total

How does it work?

Microneedling simply uses the body own ability to heal itself.  The skin reacts to the intrusion of the microneedles like it would reaction to any other penetrating object.  The difference is the size.  The microneedles are very small, and tissue damage is very unlikely.  The skin stay intact, but the stimulation still triggers the healing process.  Skin cells in a radius of 1 to 2 mm around the needle release growth signals to undifferentiated cells.  The tiny holes close very quickly so no would healing is necessary, but fibroblasts, that transform into collagen and elastin have already been activated.  New collagen and elastin are formed, giving you younger, smoother looking skin!

In addition, the inner cells that coat our vessels (endothelial cells), and in particular these of our capillaries, are also stimulated to proliferate. They react to this stimulation by sprouting out new capillaries that in return results in more and better blood supply of the skin. This reaction is called neo-angiogenesis.


What kind of results can I expect?

Rule of thumb for skin improvement:

  • After 1st procedure: 30-40%
  • After 2nd procedure: about 50% of the 1st treatment
  • After 3rd procedure:  about 50% of the 2nd treatment..............
In total: 50- 70% overall improvement after only 3 treatments. The worst a physician or therapist could do is to give the patient to high and non-realistic improvement expectations. We are all individuals and therefore cannot expect permanently good results. It is a fact that skin of older people and heavily sun damaged tissue especially in combination with nicotine abuse will have a far less response to microneedling as younger persons. In such cases expectations must be reduced dramatically.


More Before and After pictures coming soon!

Clinically Proven Results

Micro needling has been clinically tried and proven effective all over the world.  If you would like to read some of the research from the US, click below

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For those of you who don't want to delve into pages of clinical research, let me tell you what it says. It says that microneedling works!  As a whole, it improves the look and feel of the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production and increasing circulation. But micro-needling is also entirely natural pain free and safe

  • no down time
  • can be used on any skin type
  • no permanent damage
  • can be used on any area of the body

What conditions can be addressed with micro-needling?


Micro-needling is effective for:

  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Chicken pox scaring
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks
  • cellulite
  • enlarged, visible pores
  • aging skin
  • alopecia

Add a super power punch to your procedure!

When receiving a dermaroller treatment you can add a serum to your procedure.  We have several compounded serums that will enhance your results beyond that which the microneedling alone can achieve.  Integrated Skin Care has compounded, pharmaceutical grade physician strength products to address fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, alopecia, and enlarged pores.  We also offer Stem cells from Dermaheal.